St Croix Driving Tour

Another island, another car rental. I love touring around an island on our own. I know that I’ve said it before but it really does give you a great sense of the place. And, one of the things that we discovered with St. Croix is just how much of the island is surrounded by reef.


Another I really love is when art installations or sculpture or monuments can incorporate something cool (and by cool, I mean techie or sciencie). Here is what the island did for the millennium. They put a monument on their most easterly point. It represents 2 M’s or MM or 2000. It also is a sundial, etc. Cool.



Here is what I would call a neat radio telescope. The kids would call it more a super huge laser gun. <sigh>


Another neat technical thing… the vertical windmill. Oh, and yes, another awesome view.


Just a small part of the largest oil refinery in the western hemisphere.


A beautiful red tree. That can only one thing… Caroline went to another botanical garden. 🙂 The boys and I skipped out on this one and went to Subway… that was a treat. And, then off to get some stuff for the boat from Kmart. Yup, we’re acclimatizing ourselves for our return home… <sigh>


Frederiksted – a lovely clean well kept town.


An action shot of driving through the countryside. Some lovely road that were more like tree tunnels.


Another Full Moon Party…. Rolling Down The Hill

One of the reasons that we came back to the BVI for Matthew’s birthday was to celebrate at a Full Moon Party at Trellis Bay. We didn’t take any pictures that night, except for this one of the moon rolling down the hill. Funny things happen in the BVI.



Are you interested in the Olympics? We are down here. Interesting thing though is that it is very difficult to get any video. No broadcaster is allowed to broadcast their feeds over the internet down here. When you couple that with the fact that the internet recently has been really awful, it’s been hard to see the Olympics. But, we’re able to keep up with the news at least.

Go Canada!

More Fish…

We don’t fish and yet the fish keep coming. Albeit a little small this one plopped on to the dinghy the other night. And, on the recent passage, I had a fish appear on the port deck for a time until it flopped off.


Flip Flops with Thirst Quenching Technology

Okay, I have a confession. Believe it or not, before this adventure, I’ve never really had a pair of flip flops. Although I was born in Africa and spent a couple of years growing up in Trinidad and then later in life spent a year with Caroline in the BVI, I’ve never like the “thong” that fits between your toes. So, I’ve often just had sandals, or as likely, nothing. Barefoot has been just alright by me.

Now, fast forward to this adventure and I thought it was high time that I entered the convenience of the world of flip flops. So, I bought a pair of QuikSilver that I really liked. A couple of weeks ago they went missing and thus the search for a new pair of flip flops was on.

I found a pair that fit well and were basically just what I wanted.


And, then, I turned them over…


Apparently, some Reef Flipflops are make with Thirst Quenching Technology, also known as a bottle opener. What will they think of next!


Black and White

Sometimes the world is wonderfully colourful and sometimes it’s wonderfully monotone. This is black, white and grey, and shows the variation of what we can see down here.


Touring Montserrat’s Volcanic Damage Part 2

Another look at a valley covered in ash. In fact, the valley now extends much further out into the harbour, probably several hundred metres. Fortunately, most everyone was evacuated before the eruption unlike in Martinique in 1902. Those who died were some of the people who refused to leave.


What is left of the old capital of Plymouth. The whole town was completely covered in ash. Completely damaged.


Another view of Plymouth which is at the base of the volcano.


Another multi-story building that is barely poking out from under the blanket of ash.


We are looking at some of the new coastline in one of the valleys. Everything you see here was once sea and it extends back another few hundred metres.


Natural pumice stone. Feet here we come. Oh, and by the way, it is lighter than water. The kids (and Daddy) had a good time throwing some into the water to see it float.


The grey concrete marker was a harbour post before the eruption. I need not say any more.


As with many of the islands and communities, lots of people know each other. Sam stopped the van when he saw some friends, just to say hi. There were a bunch of people gathered to chat and hang out. Most were expat Americans who now lived down here. In fact, the couple that bought the house purchased it in 1999 when prices were depressed… they got 30 cents on the dollar. Nice deal! The one none expat was a Montserratian(?) who had lived most of his life in Canada. He lived in Toronto, Winnipeg and Thompson Manitoba…. He’s had his share of cold. An interesting man with an interesting life. Oh, and his island name is Uncle.


Just some examples of the houses on the island.



More Indian River

It doesn’t really require a lot of explanation. The scenery was so different from anything you would normally see. Again, just otherworldly.






These seeds are very hard and very shiny. They were used at one point to make Catholic Rosaries.







Our guide, Mitchell, whose company is called Providence, made the kids a couple of palm “origami” birds that he mounted on flowers.


Portsmouth Dominica and Pirates of the Caribbean

Dominica was where Pirates of the Caribbean II and III was partly filmed. On our next stop at Portsmouth, we were going to take a tour of the Indian River. This river was used when they were filming Jack Sparrow going to see the voodoo lady up the river. It was an otherworldly experience to say the least.
















Dominica – Tour of the South

After we got checked into the country, we decided to take a tour of the southern part of the island. The fellow that we connected with arranged for us to be taken around by his wife and Mathieu, one of their two kids, the next day.

The main goal of the tour was to see the Trafalgar Falls. We’d been there twelve years earlier so it was great to go back with the kids.



Kids and Daddy exploring the falls area in the very warm thermal springs stream.


Here are Matthew and Noah with the guide, Cecile’s son Mathieu.


Daddy enjoying a warm waterfall.


The kids exploring the cool water river.


The boys.


Another stop on the tour was a small botanical garden. One very cool thing that Mathieu wanted to show us was a plant leaf that was “hydrophobic”. Basically, you could dunk it completely in water, pull it up and it would be completely dry. Or, you could put water on top of it and it would bead up into a droplet. One more amazing discover on our adventure.


Turtle at the botanical gardens.


A panoramic view of the town of Rosseau.


The Plymouth Duster… er, Dacia Duster

Don’t know how many of you remember the Plymouth Duster. Well, I thought that the Duster was long gone, but apparently the car company Dacia (a Renault subsidiary) has “rebooted” the car’s name. Didn’t get a picture of the car but it’s not your father’s Duster.


Botanical Garden or Warning This Post May Contain Non Flower Flora

The gardens were truly something. Built on to the side of a hill, they were immaculately maintained and of course everything (whether it had flowers or not) was green and lush.





Even ponds. Some with goldfish or Koi.


A bromeliad garden. I’ve never seen an area cultivated to grow bromeliads.


Lounging on the Lido Deck

I’m not sure if this is the Lido Deck or not, but I decided it was time to spend some time relaxing up top in the hammock.


This was, of course, after I got the idea from my son, who has a much better idea of how to lounge. Can you see the pillow? He also has a stuffed animal and some other essentials. 🙂


Boy Time

The boys and I will go off from time to time to hang out and give Mom a break from all things intense.

We now find ourselves in Bequia again as we head north and we’ve headed over to what looks like a very pretty little tropical beach. I’m going to stay in the dinghy to get caught up on some work while the kids swim. I’ve told them that they can’t go up on shore as we’re experiencing the “witching hour” when the sand fleas come out and feast on young, juicy skin or even old Daddy skin too. Unfortunately, they do get bitten a bit.


Moon Hole

Okay, this one is a little hard to explain. Moon hole is a set of buildings that we created on Bequia by an architect who apparently didn’t believe in straight lines or angles. His “houses” all are pretty free form and don’t have any windows although they have holes. A little different, but you can rent them as a place to stay on your holiday if you’re looking for something completely different.