The Home Alone Film Festival

The boys were fortunate enough to have their uncle bring down the complete 4 box set of Home Alone.  What does that call for?  A film festival of course.  So, the boys had a treat of being able to watch a movie each night.  They like to vary the cinema location.  In this instance they chose one of the aft berths.  As you can tel…. they are definitely brothers.  Thanks again Andrew.

Touring St Martin

We took a day (Saturday Feb 11th in fact) to tour the island of St Martin by car.

Here’s a picture of the resort area and marina where Legend docked.

A picture of the east coast of St Martin.

A couple pictures of Philipsberg where a couple of you who are travelling by cruise ship this winter will be docking.

We love to see a new country we’re visiting by car.  You really get to know the country quickly and intimately.







A Bit of Perspective

While we were at a slip in the marina in L’Anse Marcel in St Martin, it was an opportune time for me to get a few projects done.  One was to fix the steaming light that wasn’t working.  Another was to fix a squeak on the courtesy burgee.  Also, I needed to look at the spinnaker halyard leads to see how they were set up.  And, I needed to finish waterproofing the bimini.  And, finally, I needed to raise the wi-fi antenna up the backstay so that we can get better wifi reception.

So, here are some shots of Legend while I’m perched on the upper spreader.

And, here’s a shot of me from below.

De Luxe…

After we connected briefly with Caroline’s brother, sister-in-law and 2 of their friends, we decided we would head up to the marina (and resort) that they were based out of on their sailing holiday.  It was going to be a good time for us to relax a bit, get a lot of projects done, get refreshed, and do some more school work.

The resort is called the Radisson Blu.  There is one here in St Martin and one in Chicago and then many in other parts of the world.  It’s a 5 star hotel that also has a marina.  With a slip at the marina, we get all the hotel privileges which is great.

So here are some shots of the resort.  Yes, I know.   Someone has to do it.


Now the last shot is interesting from the standpoint of where it was taken.  More on that in the next post.


Landfall and More Rain

We’ve made a sighting of Sint Maarten / St Martin, and we’ve decided that we’re going to anchor in a lagoon to give us a better chance of flat water sleep as well as allow us to work on the boat and purchase supplies.  But, first we must wait for the 11:30 bridge opening to let us in to the lagoon.  Did I mention that we had a torrential downpour while we were waiting?  But, again, we did see more rainbows.

Here we are entering the lagoon in a line of vessels — big and bigger.

And, once we anchor this ends our first big passage as a family.  We’re done.  Excited.  Exhausted.  Ready for Rest, oh ya, and checking into Customs before anyone gets upset.  🙂

Where are the Frazers? Did they fall off the ocean?

Okay, it’s been a little too long since we last posted.  My apologies.  That’s a combination of being on an 18 hour passage, needing to recuperate, not having internet access and then sailing to a new bay where we are not docked at a marina visiting with Caroline’s brother and sister-in-law.  It’s a most awesome marina that is gorgeous and has all the amenities of a resort if you’re in the marina.  Woo hoo.  Anyway, more on that later, with pictures.

And, speaking of pictures, I have a number of pictures that I will get loaded up in the next day or two.  And, hopefully a number of stories.

So, for now, just know that our first big passage was a success.  Grueling but safe and successful.

Hope you are well.  Please drop us a line to let us know how you’re doing.

Talk more soon.