TS Isaac Update

It seems that we faired very well. The storm passed south of us and didn’t increase in intensity. So, it was a relatively quiet day with no even a lot of rain. That meant that we could get a lot of work done and are more or less prepared to head off tomorrow morning.

Here’s an update of where it is.


Sad and glad about heading off. We will miss being on our adventure but will enjoying being back home too. Planning for the next adventures is in the works. (Those who know me well won’t be surprised.)

Tropical Storms — Isaac and His Friends

We have traveled back to our home base for a couple of very good reasons. The first is that we are scheduled to fly out on Friday. The second is that we are expecting the weather to change.

While we’ve been down here, we’ve experienced rather wonderful weather. Sometimes we’d be wet for a few days, or have a couple days of larger swell, but that tended to be about it. With the start of hurricane season, we’ve also done well which is largely what we expected. But, alas, as is usual when we leave the Caribbean at this time of year, the weather tends to want to play a part.

In this case, Tropical Storm Isaac is now approaching the Leeward Islands. It should continue south of the Virgin Islands as is forecast at present. What we expect to have is a fair bit of wind, lots of rain, and high storm swell on the coast. Right now, it looks like it will come and go before we have to leave on Friday which is great news, but, we’ll see.

Here is the present storm track for Isaac.


[We are located just under the ‘R’ in Puerto Rico on the map.]

So, for those of you who may hear about the storm on the news, we are just fine and are ashore safe and sound. Hopefully, it won’t affect Legend or any of the other boats at Nanny Cay, as it is usually a safe harbour.

Touring with Tine

As mentioned, we didn’t have a lot of time with Tine. So, we just hit a few of our favourite spots with her. We’re spent a couple nights at the Bitter End, so that she could get acclimatized and have a chance to see all of us sail together on 3 different small boats – 2 Hobies and a Pico. Then, in a mad dash, we headed off the next morning early to get to The Baths, then off to White Bay Peter Island, with a final stop at The Bight on Norman Island. That was a busy day of sailing that ended with a quick tour of the caves and then dinner on the Willy T. What a big day that was.

Here are some shots from that day.





Yah, Christine is Here

We are very excited that Christine is here. Through a challenging time, she was still able to make it down albeit a little later which means her time in the BVI will be short and sweet. She will be with us for a few days and then travel home with us on Friday. Yes, as in this Friday!!

So, we will have only a little time showing her the sites and then we’ll be back at our home base to start preparing and packing for home.

But, first, a very important action must be completed. We staged a new flag dedication ceremony. We had purchased a blank red flag and Christine (or Tine) made it into a Legend flag so we would have another one (since we wore out the last one she made). So, here it is aloft in all its splendor.


Sailing Pictures

This is after all a sailing adventure and now we’re getting a lot of small boat sailing in before we leave. And, we’re having a blast. Or, I should say the kids are having a blast. They’re getting good and talking about doing more up north and down here.

Here’s a shot of all three sailing. One boy is in the power boat with the instructor and one boy is in each of the sailboats.




Solo in a Bug.


Matthew in a Bug.



A great shot of tandem sailing by the Frazers.


Bitter End Sunset

It`s been a while since we`ve posted a sunset. Although it`s hurricane season, the weather is still wonderful albeit a bit warmer in the summer. And, the sunsets still work their magic.



To Turtle or Not To Turtle – More Matthew and Noah Sailing

Matthew and Noah often learn to sail together. And, they do very well. The have just started to sail on their own two but not in this set of pictures.

And, the big question is whether they end up flipping the boat over. Wait and see.



It looks like they flip it here but they actually recovered. They did, however, turtle the boat at some point in the lesson.





I believe that we’ve all evolved while down here. We’ve grown as people and we’ve grown in our skills and abilities. For example, I’ve never really referred to myself as a sailor, but I think that after this experience, I could likely consider it now. More concrete are the kids’ abilities. Whether it’s sailing Legend, sailing a small laser, swimming, snorkelling, you name it. They’ve grown in so many ways. What an experience.

Here’s an example of Matthew’s new comfort level…. diving down just for kicks.

More Ethan Sailing

Again, we love the Bitter End for a bunch of reasons including the fact that the kids get to learn to sail.

Here’s the reception area and pictures of Ethan learning even more.







Creativity rears its head again. With “nothing” else to do, Ethan created a transformer like ‘bot from our clothes pegs. Too long an adventure… nahh…


Jelly Fish Season

We’ve been waiting for the jelly fish season, and it is came. It didn’t last too long though which is nice.

Here’s a picture of one of the jellies.


Time is Ticking…

There’s not much time left on this adventure. We’re back in the BVI and enjoying our last days here. We’ll soon be joined by Christine or Tine as many of you know her. As we start to get our heads around coming back to Canada, we’re also enjoying the beauty that is the BVI. Great weather, calm seas, good wind.

If you’re wanting to see our reality check for our time, just look up at the top left of this page. You’ll see the countdown timer has been started. With the timer started, it is also exciting as we get ready for the next adventure and adventures.

BVI Emancipation Parade

One of the things that we wanted to see was the Emancipation Festival Parade or their Carnival. We also wanted the kids to be able to experience it. The interesting thing is that finding out what time it starts is near to impossible. And, we believe it’s for a reason. That way no one can say that it didn’t start on time (because no matter what time it was supposed to start, it got started on island time. 🙂

Here are some of the images from that.


Not sure the significance of this but with the donkey dressed as he is with complete leggings, the hat, wig et al, I’m sure he will be the talk of his drove (apparently that’s a herd of donkeys).


Some of the dancers…


Jumbies or Stilt Dancers


Pussy Cat…

The little catamaran was following us around from Trellis Bay to Cane Garden Bay. It’s such a “cute” little power cat. It’s actually taller than it is long and it’s not much longer than a dozen feet long.

The kids named it Kitty Kat.


I Lied – Full Moon Pictures

Okay, apparently I didn’t download the camera again…. which means we did have photos of the Full Moon Party. Yeesh. I have to keep up.

In my defence, this would be a good time to say that I’ve gone through over 18,000 pictures and video to produce this blog. Did I mention we have a new high score? 🙂

Okay, so we have Jumbies or Stilt Dancers.


Burning Man… fire, ughh!


Jumbie and Kid Jumbie


Fireball dying out…


Kids in the climbing tree…. nothing cooler than a little Peter Pan like experience


Or, is that Pirates. Arghh. Gotta check in on my myths and legends.


KIds Sailing….. On Their Own!?

As part of the birthday fun for Matthew, the boys were able to go out on a sailing lesson on their own. And, they were on their own, the three of them in a laser with the instructor following in a chase boat. Did Mom and Dad have any concerns… not many, really… okay maybe one…. or two….. All kidding aside, we figured they would have a good time and they did! They didn’t switch positions but still learned a lot. And, they only capsized the boat once… right after they got going just a few metres from the spot in this picture.


And, here they are, smoking along with their blue and white sail with the chase boat in behind… go Frazer boys.


Gilligan – A Constant Companion

After a long hard passage, what does one want more than a little Gilligan time. Gilligan’s Island, this time on the floor.


Quick Visit to Leverick Bay

While we were at the Bitter End, we decided we’d go over to Leverick Bay where they have some shops, a Pusser’s store, and apparently, from time to time, some Jumbies (or Stilt Dancers). We missed the stilt dancers but seem to have found a couple of our own.