More Rainbows…

Okay, you get to see what we see…. and, yes, it is more rainbows…

And, this one has no digital trickery.  That is a ship at the other end of the rainbow.  Not Legend but that’s okay.

These were as we were leaving Nevis.

The Tour of Nevis

Again, we decided to take the island tour with a taxi driver.  Well worth the money for what you get to see in a relatively short period of time.

Okay, this is one of the oldest churches in the Caribbean.  It’s actually the oldest in some way but at the time of writing this…. I don’t have that infor with me.  🙂

St. Kitts on the horizon.

The steel pots that the sugar cane used to be boiled in.  These are now everywhere as monuments to an age that’s now done since there is really no more sugar cane production in the Eastern Caribbean…. certainly nothing that we’ve seen.

A beautiful resort on the windward side of the island (eastern).  It gets confusing as Nevis is a leeward island.  Had enough yet?

A more picturesque view of one of the older homes on the island.  Many are in lesser repair than this one.

A stunning tree.  Probably not quite as great as the tree we saw on St. Kitts but, alas, I don’t have a picture of it.

Everything grows amazingly well here.

Here’s my point.

Another flower…

A truly stunning resort that is being turned more into a lunch and dinner destination.  The landscaping here is truly marvelous.  It is called Golden Rock.

On The Beach – Nevis

Here are some more views from the beach…

Sunshine’s, where Matthew was loving being able to practice his flags.  I think he knows more than me… ya, ya, I know… don’t say it

Legend – from the beach.  [on the right]

The Boys – probably negotiating the rules of a game…. or a treaty…. or…. dare I say it…. a mutiny!

Our Fisherman

Noah has decided he likes fishing which is surprising since neither Caroline nor I fish.  But, perhaps it’s because he love seafood.  Anyway, here he is in action.   [Check out the high quality reel. :-]

What We See From Legend At Nevis

Here are 3 views that we see from our boat moored off the coast of Nevis.

The first is the island of St. Kitts, part of the same Federation, both somewhat autonomous.

The beach directly in front of us.  Sunshine’s is in the centre and is where we had lunch the other day.  Wow it was yummy food (and with vegetables which is a big deal in the Caribbean.)

And, finally the Four Seasons Nevis is just down the beach from us set in the palm grove.

The volcanic hill of Nevis

Not a bad set of views.


Fire! Ug!

Okay, Paul gets to play with fire, ug, and he likes it!  Sure it doesn’t look all that big but we don’t want to sink Legend, do we?

We don’t BBQ as much as we do at home but when we do, it’s a good thing.  As you can see, we BBQ with briquettes.

Update:  Sometimes when I upload pics from the boat about a kilometre off shore…. it doesn’t quite stick when being added to the post…. Thanks Nigel for catching the lack of pic and letting me know.


Another Kind of School

We find that we are not getting into or under the water as much as when we are just on vacation or holiday.  But, when we do, we’re not generally disappointed.

That brings me to another interesting point.  The family has collectively made a rule.  We don’t use the H or V words (holiday or vacation).  Because it really is neither and they bring up expectations that are a little mismatched especially because there is school, provisioning, some longer days of sailing, etc.  So, no body says the H or V words.  The exception of course is when we have family and friends down!

And, really, it’s about making a legendary adventure.  🙂

Ethan Snorkelling Down To A Wreck

Our waterproof camera kicked the bucket a few weeks back at the start of the adventure.  So, we had to get another one in St. Thomas.  So far, it is working out very well as you can see in the picture of Ethan getting up close and personal with a shipwreck.

Our Place For The Night

Here is the spot that we anchored for the night at White Bay and some of our neighbours.  As I mentioned before, we met one of our neighbours earlier who was from Peterborough.  It’s nice to connect with your neighbours wherever they’re from.  Then, of course, there was the group on “Rodeo”.  You could hear them coming as they came in to anchor later in the afternoon…. and you could hear them into the night.  Let’s just say that the boat was aptly named.

Generally, the only thing that we are really concerned with when anchored is that everyone around us is far enough away so that when we all swing, no one hits someone else.  And, we have control over that for all the boats except those who come later.

The Beachcomber

Noah is often our major beachcomber…..after Caroline.  I’m sure he is saying…. “I can get a little more, just a little more.”

Does anyone else remember Relic and his jet boat [hint: The Beachcombers]?  I believe I saw a jet boat the other day that was acting as a tender to a larger ship.

Starfish at Whitehouse Bay

We move from Basseterre to a very calm and wonderful bay called Whitehouse Bay.  After we had arrived a sailor from another boat came over and introduced himself as being from Peterborough.  He and his wife spend from November to April down here.  Not bad!

It’s actually interesting that we have seen more Canadian flags on boats down here than ever before.  Maybe we’re not the only Canadians to have figured out this pirating in the Caribbean thing.  🙂

When we went ashore, we found this starfish on top of the dock.

And, to all my speaker friends, not one starfish story came to mind!

Touring St. Kitts

We picked up a taxi to give us a 3 hour tour of the island which ended up being almost 5 hours.  Ezekiel was a great driver and knew a LOT of history which was great.  The kids have done very well with these tours given it’s often not a kid sort of thing.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have battery power for some of the most spectacular pictures around the Fort on Brimstone Hill.  Here are a couple pictures that we did get.


Ezekiel took this shot at a botonical garden where they create and demonstate Batik.  Very neat to learn about it.

Coming to St. Kitts

Here are some of the views we had while sailing along St. Kitts to get to Basseterre to check into the country.

It’s a bit hard to see but there is an amazing fort on the top of that hill, called Brimstone Hill.

Beautiful slopping countryside unlike anything else in the Caribbean.

More slopes.

Our second sighting of the ship Mein Schiff, which you can see written on the side of the boat.

Taking Pictures at Sea

Some of you may have noticed that because I don’t alter or fix the pictures before I post them (mostly anyway), some of the pictures don’t have horizontal horizons.  When you live on a sailboat, you are constantly moving and when the boat is rolling a fair bit it is really hard to take a level picture.  So, instead of fighting it I decided to work with it in this picture.  I love the fact that the cruise ship is sailing uphill and the Jack Sparrow pirate ship is sailing downhill.  A polarity of history.

Passaging Again…

Okay, it was time to passage again after a short but thoroughly enjoyable visit to Saba.  So, we dropped our mooring in the 10-12 foot seas and headed for St. Kitts and Nevis.  We made it in about 7 hours of sailing again.  For those who are following, we are trying to make it to every second island as we go south.  This allows us to sail a good amount during the day meaning no overnight passages, but we still make some progress down south.  We will visit the missed islands on the way north when we head back to the BVI for March and the next set of visitors coming down.

So, having made it to St. Kitts we did a quick tour of the town of Basseterre after we checked in with Customs and Immigration.

Here’s an example of their Circus that is modelled after the one in London England.