Montserrat – Touring the Volcano Damage Part 1

Almost before I was cleared into the country, Sam approached me to see if I wanted to set up a tour of the island. Yes, we were ready to tour and planned to go the next day.

We got to see a lot of the island. More than I thought we’d see. One interesting spot was a river or stream where it is believed that if you drink from the water you are destined to return to the island. So,…. we drank, of course.


Here’s Sam drinking. He’s not leaving soon although he has lived in England. He actually was living in England when the big explosion happened in 1997, and he returned to the island. This is almost the exact opposite of what most people did which was to leave the island basically for good.


A picture of the volcano. You can see that there is some cloud and some steam mixed together. On the sail up the side of the island the day before we could actually smell the sulphur in the air at sea.


An example of a valley that was flooded with volcanic ash.


This is the top of a 3 story building. Everything is completely covered with ash.


Inside one of the windows you can see the state of the house…. with a bathtub filled with ash.


And, a room left devastated next door.


More to come…