Assorted Statia – Just a Little Bit More

A government department for women who are having affairs…


The fort and what appears to almost be Mayan in front of it… okay, maybe not.


A pirate and his dog… both not moving a lot on the hot hot day.


Matthew’s feet after a day of hiking/climbing in his crocs. Comfortable, yes. A barrier to dirt, perhaps not. Nothing a lot of scrubbing didn’t fix.


Exploring Statia – Part 2

And, now the hike. Just to remind you. We’re going to climb to the top of the crater’s edge here…


There are not a lot of pictures from the hike as we couldn’t really see out. What we saw was trees.


Oh, and the odd hermit and soldier crabs.


And, a small scorpion which are apparently native to the area.


And, the reward, being able to look down in the crater of the mountain/volcano.


And, a strange sight indeed. This is not rope but a twisted vine. Bizarre.


Exploring Statia – Part 1

Statia, although small, provided a lot of exploring opportunity.

Here is some of what we saw – in the town.







The 12 o’clock Bell Ringer stopped us and told us to come and he would show us the bell. A proud man who enjoyed his role as Bell Ringer, tourist ambassador and tour guide.


Legend, at rest, under the gaze of the old fort.


A sundial. I love it when travel and science meet up. And, as it would be it was 12 noon when we got there. (Also used the watch later on the hike!)


Cannons… it scares me how much my boys like cannons. And, more importantly, what you can do with one.



Gilligan – A Constant Companion

After a long hard passage, what does one want more than a little Gilligan time. Gilligan’s Island, this time on the floor.


Our Third and Final Trip Down Island

Time for another passage. This will be the 3rd and final time that we’ll head down island. Our goal is to head to Statia (or Sint Eustatius) on the way to Guadeloupe. We’ll then come back to the BVI to celebrate Matthew’s birthday at a Full Moon Party.

So, with everything fixed, we’re off on a couple of long passages. The first to Statia will be a long passage as the seas were confused. Not big but confused. So, it wasn’t a gentle trip.

But, alas, we did make it. From a greater distance, what you notice most about Statia are the huge fuel tanks. It looks very industrial and because it’s a small island, you might think that that’s all that there is.


We discovered that there certainly is more to the island. You can see the main town and then the mountain/old volcano in behind it.


So, once we checked in we planned to explore the town and then maybe go for a hike. What we ended up doing was climbing all the way up to the edge of the crater. Egad what were we thinking after a tough passage. Anyway, stay tuned.

Also, some shots of the sea that evening.