Ethan’s Birthday Present… Finally…. Sailing at the Bitter End

As mentioned before, we were finally able to give Ethan his gift. He really enjoyed it and enjoyed hearing that he was a natural from the instructor too.






The Mind of Kids – Birthday Cake

Finally, a picture of Ethan’s birthday cake. Now, to be clear, Caroline baked the cake but she did NOT decorate it. The kids did. Quite creative when you know what they were doing. The white (whipped cream from a can, yikes) are waves. The blue and green items are shark gummies and, of course, there is a pirate on a raft in the centre who is protecting himself from the sharks. He also needs to protect himself from the impending fire from the candle under his arm which melted part of his arm (oops, sorry about that).


The cake was delicious. The toppings, perhaps a little much. Alas, the adventure continues.

Happy Birthday Ethan…

It’s birthday time around Legend. This time, it’s our big boy, Ethan, who is celebrating his 11th birthday. So, please help me wish him a Happy Birthday.


Again, details as to what we actually did to follow.

Legend – The Waterpark

One thing the kids just love to do is to jump off this side of the boat.  Yup, it’s a blast.  Having said that, apparently they are now hanging off the side of the boat too.  Or at least Ethan and Noah are.

On The Beach – Nevis

Here are some more views from the beach…

Sunshine’s, where Matthew was loving being able to practice his flags.  I think he knows more than me… ya, ya, I know… don’t say it

Legend – from the beach.  [on the right]

The Boys – probably negotiating the rules of a game…. or a treaty…. or…. dare I say it…. a mutiny!

Ethan Snorkelling Down To A Wreck

Our waterproof camera kicked the bucket a few weeks back at the start of the adventure.  So, we had to get another one in St. Thomas.  So far, it is working out very well as you can see in the picture of Ethan getting up close and personal with a shipwreck.

Photography 101

Apparently, part of the schooling down here is photography.  Ethan turned on his creative juices and decided to create a tunnel photo of Daddy.  He cupped his hand around the lens of his camera and here is the result.

Just Some Shots of the Boys…

Okay, at this point, I feel compelled again to mention that the boys are still doing schoolwork.  They have spelling and spelling tests just like normal.  They have presentation assignments, and today Caroline even had them doing a bit of a scavenger hunt to find Caribbean things.

More “appropriate” shots of the boys.

A Family Out for a Sail…

Here is a nice shot of Caroline and the boys having some “quiet” time together.  They sat there for quite a while just talking, singing and stuff.  Daddy was no where to be found.

Ethan Hot Doggin’ It….

Hmmm…. now who was watching him at this point in time?  And, who was taking the picture at the same time.  Let’s just say that my toenails are not painted.

School Days

I don’t believe that the kids are completely aware, but school has already started even though we’re not on the water.

We visited a wonderful botantical garden the other day

and Caroline has started to teach the kids about astronomy.