Noah’s Birthday

Hello All. Well, as many of you know, the blog is slightly out of sync with real time. If you look at the Where Is page you will find that we’re at least a couple of days ahead of where the blog post is. Again, that’s a factor of time to go through all the pictures that Caroline takes :-), writing them, posting them etc.

Well, I’m going to try and make an exception. We have 3 boys who are going to have birthdays while we’re down here. Noah’s is first. Today is his birthday and he is now 9 years old. So, if you are so inclined, please feel free to send your best wishes. We’ll be spending it at the Bitter End Yacht club but you’ll have to keep following to see what happens. Even I don’t know yet, since for me it’s actually yesterday when I’m trying to get this post up. Does that make sense. 🙂

So, Happy Birthday Noah. We love you.


When we were in Nanny Cay a lovely family said that we should take their inflatable inner tubes as they were just going to be throwing them out. So, here Noah is sporting the latest in inner tube fashion.

Leaving Jolly Harbor

I do my best to pick good weather windows for when and where we travel next. So far, things have worked out quite well. We’ve missed the swells as much as we can. Here’s a great shot of what we saw behind us leaving Jolly Harbor.

It also shows our car/truck. I don’t believe that I’ve mentioned that we now call our dinghy, or tender, Myth. The reason, it’s a great complementary word/concept to Legend, or course. And, in the same spirit, the kids have decided that the big lime green kayak that we have and you’ve seen in a number of photos is called Nessie. They figure that the Loch Ness monster is green and huge like the kayak, so…. there you go… Nessie it is.


And, here is a shot of Noah and Matthew in the companionway. This is spot they sometimes like to sit to get out of the way and out of the wind. It is the entrance way to down below. Again, I’m not sure what they’re conferring on, but expect it’s world peace, Mom’s lunch, the state of the economy, or something important like that.


PS. For those who know the boys, you will notice that they are getting even blonder as the weeks pass.

The Adventures of Noah’s Mouth

Noah has had quite a set of adventures with regard to his mouth on this trip. The first adventure was actually an accident. He saw that his brother was going to have trouble getting across from the boat to the dock and tried to help Matthew. Unfortunately, they both ended up slipping and it resulted in Noah hitting his mouth on the transom (back of the boat).

Then he lost a tooth that had been loose for a while. And, recently, he lost a second tooth. In both cases, the tooth fairy came. And, in both cases he’s been very proud of his new grin. And, he wanted to have a post to show off his new smile. So, here it is:


Legend – The Waterpark

One thing the kids just love to do is to jump off this side of the boat.  Yup, it’s a blast.  Having said that, apparently they are now hanging off the side of the boat too.  Or at least Ethan and Noah are.

On The Beach – Nevis

Here are some more views from the beach…

Sunshine’s, where Matthew was loving being able to practice his flags.  I think he knows more than me… ya, ya, I know… don’t say it

Legend – from the beach.  [on the right]

The Boys – probably negotiating the rules of a game…. or a treaty…. or…. dare I say it…. a mutiny!

Our Fisherman

Noah has decided he likes fishing which is surprising since neither Caroline nor I fish.  But, perhaps it’s because he love seafood.  Anyway, here he is in action.   [Check out the high quality reel. :-]

The Beachcomber

Noah is often our major beachcomber…..after Caroline.  I’m sure he is saying…. “I can get a little more, just a little more.”

Does anyone else remember Relic and his jet boat [hint: The Beachcombers]?  I believe I saw a jet boat the other day that was acting as a tender to a larger ship.

Sombrero Passage – Overnight

Okay, so what happens when it’s dark…. you sail and keep sailing.  In our case, we motor sailed for a lot of it.  Without the motor the passage would have been even longer and more uncomfortable.  But, we did sail when we could.

Unfortunately, there are no real pictures from the passage.  Unfortunately, there’s actually kind of too much going on.  One of us (Caroline or Paul) is at the helm and the other one is trying to sleep or manage the sails or assist kids or whatever needed to happen.  So, the benefits of passaging at night are that you have sleeping kids (mostly, more on that in a moment), and that you arrive with lots of extra daylight time to anchor or moor in case you get held back.  The negative is that you sail through the night and are really tired, especially if you didn’t get a lot of sleep the night before.

So, back to the kids.  The kids wanted to come up with us and support us in the cockpit as much as possible.  And, they did a wonderful job, although they perhaps didn’t come up as often as they had planned.  Here is a shot of Noah up helping with the night watch.

And, here is Paul getting sleep or rest at least after having a long late night shift through a couple of rain storms and varied seas.

The sun is starting to rise and landfall is getting closer and closer.

Just Some Shots of the Boys…

Okay, at this point, I feel compelled again to mention that the boys are still doing schoolwork.  They have spelling and spelling tests just like normal.  They have presentation assignments, and today Caroline even had them doing a bit of a scavenger hunt to find Caribbean things.

More “appropriate” shots of the boys.

A Family Out for a Sail…

Here is a nice shot of Caroline and the boys having some “quiet” time together.  They sat there for quite a while just talking, singing and stuff.  Daddy was no where to be found.

A Legendary Inside Look

For all those who were asking about what the inside of Legend looks like, here is a picture with Noah posing with gusto… okay, no buddy asked but here is the picture anyway.

What you see is just a portion of the boat.  There are cabins forward of the main area here and cabins aft of here as well.  And, there is storage and equipment room even further forward and aft of the cabins.


School Days

I don’t believe that the kids are completely aware, but school has already started even though we’re not on the water.

We visited a wonderful botantical garden the other day

and Caroline has started to teach the kids about astronomy.