Birthday Cake – Finally…

Okay, finally a picture of Matthew’s birthday cake. Again, delicious cake by Caroline underneath, well decorated cake by the boys on top.


Had trouble putting the candles out…. Caroline didn’t know that they were never-go-out candles. Very funny. Video to come.

Matthew the Sailor

I don’t know if it’s his birthday that just happened or what, but Matthew has been quite interested in being more involved in the sailing. He now goes up to the front with Mommy when we’re picking up or dropping a mooring. He gives me the big thumbs up signal when they’re ready, and a big shout when “we’re off!” And, in terms of the wheel, he’s happen to take the helm a fair bit. He does however ask that we put down a couple of hard cushions so that he can see! Amazing what he and his brothers are picking up.

Here he is in all his glory…


KIds Sailing….. On Their Own!?

As part of the birthday fun for Matthew, the boys were able to go out on a sailing lesson on their own. And, they were on their own, the three of them in a laser with the instructor following in a chase boat. Did Mom and Dad have any concerns… not many, really… okay maybe one…. or two….. All kidding aside, we figured they would have a good time and they did! They didn’t switch positions but still learned a lot. And, they only capsized the boat once… right after they got going just a few metres from the spot in this picture.


And, here they are, smoking along with their blue and white sail with the chase boat in behind… go Frazer boys.


Leaving Jolly Harbor

I do my best to pick good weather windows for when and where we travel next. So far, things have worked out quite well. We’ve missed the swells as much as we can. Here’s a great shot of what we saw behind us leaving Jolly Harbor.

It also shows our car/truck. I don’t believe that I’ve mentioned that we now call our dinghy, or tender, Myth. The reason, it’s a great complementary word/concept to Legend, or course. And, in the same spirit, the kids have decided that the big lime green kayak that we have and you’ve seen in a number of photos is called Nessie. They figure that the Loch Ness monster is green and huge like the kayak, so…. there you go… Nessie it is.


And, here is a shot of Noah and Matthew in the companionway. This is spot they sometimes like to sit to get out of the way and out of the wind. It is the entrance way to down below. Again, I’m not sure what they’re conferring on, but expect it’s world peace, Mom’s lunch, the state of the economy, or something important like that.


PS. For those who know the boys, you will notice that they are getting even blonder as the weeks pass.

Legend – The Waterpark

One thing the kids just love to do is to jump off this side of the boat.  Yup, it’s a blast.  Having said that, apparently they are now hanging off the side of the boat too.  Or at least Ethan and Noah are.

On The Beach – Nevis

Here are some more views from the beach…

Sunshine’s, where Matthew was loving being able to practice his flags.  I think he knows more than me… ya, ya, I know… don’t say it

Legend – from the beach.  [on the right]

The Boys – probably negotiating the rules of a game…. or a treaty…. or…. dare I say it…. a mutiny!

Matthew… Growing Up

Okay, to me this hardly even looks like Matthew.  He’s growing up.

And, a big thanks to his class for sending him a message.  He’s going to give a response really soon.

Just Some Shots of the Boys…

Okay, at this point, I feel compelled again to mention that the boys are still doing schoolwork.  They have spelling and spelling tests just like normal.  They have presentation assignments, and today Caroline even had them doing a bit of a scavenger hunt to find Caribbean things.

More “appropriate” shots of the boys.

A Family Out for a Sail…

Here is a nice shot of Caroline and the boys having some “quiet” time together.  They sat there for quite a while just talking, singing and stuff.  Daddy was no where to be found.

A New Treat

Okay, this was an interesting one.  Our kids have been getting a wonderful treat some morning in the form of chocolate chip pancakes at the restaurant that is about 4 metres from our boat.  But, this morning, they didn’t have any chocolate chips (probably from all the Canadian boys who were eating the chocolate chip pancakes).  So, what did the staff do?  They went to the grocery store that is probably about another few metres further and bought some M&M’s to put into the pancakes.  The boys verdict… Yum!