School Starts….

The fall has arrived and school is here. And, that means that it’s time for us to get serious about our preparation for our legendary adventure.

One of the things that we need to do to prepare is to inform all the people who need to know. Highest on that list are the teachers of our 3 boys. And, now that we’ve had parent-teacher introductions, that’s happened. Woo hoo.

For my work with my company Mindscape, most people have already been told and are looking forward to hearing more as I video blog through the adventure.

So, lots to get started on and more news to follow.


Why is it Legendary?

You may be wondering why our adventure is legendary?  The simple answer is that our 50 foot sailboat is called Legend.  For more information on the boat or how you can charter a sailboat in paradise, check out our other website,