Real Time Online — Watch Us Passage

A little bit of a real time update. As of late this morning, if all goes well, we’ll be heading out on what will be our last long passage and it will be a long one of likely around or over 27 hours.

If you want to watch us travel from Antigua (yes, I know, I’ll catch you up later) to the BVI, then click on the Where Is tab above, or click here.

Marie Galante – More Exploring

Sugar Wind Mills dot the landscape…


A lovely wild coast.


A little bit of home on the island… (but really just a cottage resort).



Flame Trees of Canada…. or, about as close as we’re going to get to that happening.


More of Canada invading Marie Galante


Marie Galante – Big Little Island

A relatively short hop over to Marie Galante takes us to a really lovely big little island (or little big island, I guess). We rented a car and travelled around this island that is big enough to have lots to discover but small enough to be a quiet serene place.

Here’s what we saw of some of the coast.

A big sink hole which is a bit hard to get a picture of without dying.






Not all of the coastline is this rough but I think you’ve probably seen enough beautiful beach pictures. 🙂

Les Saintes – Now There’s A Doctor’s Office

Our next stop is the island group of Les Saintes in Guadeloupe. The lovely area that we moored had this wonderfully odd building. A house in the shape of a boat… so, in fact, it is a Boat House. Although I believe it was used as other things it is presently…. and I can’t make this stuff up…. a doctor’s office.


The boys and I climbed the big hill to the fort and this is what we saw. A beautifully restored fort and grounds. Simply amazing.


The view of the surrounding area.


Another Passage – More Fish

There’s no shortage of fish throwing themselves at us. One more passage and we’ve collected another fish. This time in the dinghy. I’m told it’s a Bonito. <shrug> I guess so. It was dead and stiff by the time I we noticed it.


Landfall – Guadeloupe

The next and last new country on our adventure is Guadeloupe. We made landfall at a pretty little harbour called Deshaies. After checking, high on the list of priorities was going to the local botanical garden which was quite renowned. It was definitely a positive experience especially for Caroline, even in all the rain that we had.

The harbour town of Deshaies.


Because I’ve given you so many flora pictures, I think I’ll try to highlight the fauna in the gardens.

Frazer Fauna….





Okay, one flora picture for good measure.


More Frazer Fauna…





Assorted Statia – Just a Little Bit More

A government department for women who are having affairs…


The fort and what appears to almost be Mayan in front of it… okay, maybe not.


A pirate and his dog… both not moving a lot on the hot hot day.


Matthew’s feet after a day of hiking/climbing in his crocs. Comfortable, yes. A barrier to dirt, perhaps not. Nothing a lot of scrubbing didn’t fix.


Exploring Statia – Part 2

And, now the hike. Just to remind you. We’re going to climb to the top of the crater’s edge here…


There are not a lot of pictures from the hike as we couldn’t really see out. What we saw was trees.


Oh, and the odd hermit and soldier crabs.


And, a small scorpion which are apparently native to the area.


And, the reward, being able to look down in the crater of the mountain/volcano.


And, a strange sight indeed. This is not rope but a twisted vine. Bizarre.


Exploring Statia – Part 1

Statia, although small, provided a lot of exploring opportunity.

Here is some of what we saw – in the town.







The 12 o’clock Bell Ringer stopped us and told us to come and he would show us the bell. A proud man who enjoyed his role as Bell Ringer, tourist ambassador and tour guide.


Legend, at rest, under the gaze of the old fort.


A sundial. I love it when travel and science meet up. And, as it would be it was 12 noon when we got there. (Also used the watch later on the hike!)


Cannons… it scares me how much my boys like cannons. And, more importantly, what you can do with one.



Gilligan – A Constant Companion

After a long hard passage, what does one want more than a little Gilligan time. Gilligan’s Island, this time on the floor.


Our Third and Final Trip Down Island

Time for another passage. This will be the 3rd and final time that we’ll head down island. Our goal is to head to Statia (or Sint Eustatius) on the way to Guadeloupe. We’ll then come back to the BVI to celebrate Matthew’s birthday at a Full Moon Party.

So, with everything fixed, we’re off on a couple of long passages. The first to Statia will be a long passage as the seas were confused. Not big but confused. So, it wasn’t a gentle trip.

But, alas, we did make it. From a greater distance, what you notice most about Statia are the huge fuel tanks. It looks very industrial and because it’s a small island, you might think that that’s all that there is.


We discovered that there certainly is more to the island. You can see the main town and then the mountain/old volcano in behind it.


So, once we checked in we planned to explore the town and then maybe go for a hike. What we ended up doing was climbing all the way up to the edge of the crater. Egad what were we thinking after a tough passage. Anyway, stay tuned.

Also, some shots of the sea that evening.



Quick Visit to Leverick Bay

While we were at the Bitter End, we decided we’d go over to Leverick Bay where they have some shops, a Pusser’s store, and apparently, from time to time, some Jumbies (or Stilt Dancers). We missed the stilt dancers but seem to have found a couple of our own.


Hiking Around The Bitter End

Here is some of what we saw when we trekked around The Bitter End. Amazing Views as we got on top of the hills.



Saba Rock Resort


Saba Rock Resort



Saba Rock Resort


Biras Creek Resort


Ethan’s Birthday Present… Finally…. Sailing at the Bitter End

As mentioned before, we were finally able to give Ethan his gift. He really enjoyed it and enjoyed hearing that he was a natural from the instructor too.






Exploring the Bitter End

With this visit to the Bitter End we were able to go and explore the trails more. In fact, we were able to walk over to another resort called Biras Creek. We came across a pair of signs that suggests that there may be more intelligent life out there than we think.

We saw this scene of an iguana walking along the road at a Caution Iguana Crossing sign And, he was keeping left as he was asked by the Keep Left sign. The animals down here are nothing if not obedient. 🙂


Catching Up – Getting Ready to Go Down Island

Well, we’ve been in clean up, fix up, and get ready mode to go down island. We’ve had the generator looked at again because it ran into a problem when the intake was filled with sea grass. We’ve had our aft air conditioning fixed. Although we don’t usually use air conditioning, we wanted to have it fixed just in case and for the next charter season. We also ended up needed repair to our salon air conditioning and then our forward air conditioning. It was quite a domino situation.

During the time spent at Nanny Cay, we did a lot of odd jobs and got caught up on school. Yes, school. Because of the number of guests that we had down the kids were not quite able to get everything done. So, they’ve been catching up on that. We also, as you know, spent time celebrating Ethan’s birthday.

So, the adventure continues in one form or another wherever we are. The end result is that we were able to head to the Bitter End to celebrate Ethan’s birthday with some sailing lessons albeit a little late.

Next post, more on the Bitter End.

The Mind of Kids – Birthday Cake

Finally, a picture of Ethan’s birthday cake. Now, to be clear, Caroline baked the cake but she did NOT decorate it. The kids did. Quite creative when you know what they were doing. The white (whipped cream from a can, yikes) are waves. The blue and green items are shark gummies and, of course, there is a pirate on a raft in the centre who is protecting himself from the sharks. He also needs to protect himself from the impending fire from the candle under his arm which melted part of his arm (oops, sorry about that).


The cake was delicious. The toppings, perhaps a little much. Alas, the adventure continues.

Flip Flops with Thirst Quenching Technology

Okay, I have a confession. Believe it or not, before this adventure, I’ve never really had a pair of flip flops. Although I was born in Africa and spent a couple of years growing up in Trinidad and then later in life spent a year with Caroline in the BVI, I’ve never like the “thong” that fits between your toes. So, I’ve often just had sandals, or as likely, nothing. Barefoot has been just alright by me.

Now, fast forward to this adventure and I thought it was high time that I entered the convenience of the world of flip flops. So, I bought a pair of QuikSilver that I really liked. A couple of weeks ago they went missing and thus the search for a new pair of flip flops was on.

I found a pair that fit well and were basically just what I wanted.


And, then, I turned them over…


Apparently, some Reef Flipflops are make with Thirst Quenching Technology, also known as a bottle opener. What will they think of next!