Next Steps

Well, with no guests for the present, what is going to keep us busy. After saying goodbye to Garth, Catherine, Naomi and Eric at Sopher’s Hole, we decided to stay an extra night. It would allow us to change gears, get some work done on the boat, and to also get some more serious school work done.

Speaking of school, it’s going pretty well. The boys sometimes find it hard to focus but are still moving right along in their different ways. Ethan is keeping up very well in most subjects and is pushing to complete a number of them. Noah is excited to complete his Social Studies and is the only one completely caught up on his journaling. And, Matthew is doing his work and having as much fun as possible. In many cases when the boys are doing the same work related to the boat, navigation, astronomy, or marine stuff, he is able to keep up with his brothers. In fact, as a mariner, he is very intuitive, and often correcting or at least alerting Daddy to things Daddy should be aware. If he’s not already running the boat, he and his brothers will be comfortably be doing it before too long.

So, as the sun sets on our guests’ visit (how’s that for poetic prose…. I’ll stick to inserting pictures in posts), we continue the more practical side of the adventure – schooling, provisioning, cleaning, repairs and something I’ll losely call “adjustments” to the boat. We are getting a lot of projects done and feeling good about that. And, truthfully, we’re doing it in paradise.


To give you a sense of that, once we left Sopher’s Hole, we went back to Road Town for some supplies but then we took off to a bay we really love called Benure’s Bay. It’s actually where we christened/renamed Legend.

This time we found a spot we liked and anchored with our normal anchor and a stern line to shore for a number of reasons. Here is the shoreline that we had off the aft of our boat. Beautiful.


The edge of the bay just off the starboard side of Legend.


An example of the trees that grow on the island. Very different in their trunk and branches… and no, right now I can’t tell you what their name is. I’ll have to put that in a later post.


But, one of the most spectacular aspects of this anchorage is the water…. stay tuned for the next post.