The Feline Canine Attack

Before I explain this, I need to set it up properly or it will make no sense to you at all. In fact, it still might not, that’s okay.

Matthew, our youngest, is quite attached to the canine persuasion. He loves dogs and, in fact, plays one in real life, much to the surprise of some. Okay, now piece of information 2…. boats with 2 hulls are called Catamarans or Cats (not to be confused with Cat Boats which are something completely different). Now, piece number 3. Because Cats have 2 hulls, he sees monohulls as being Dogs because they’re different. You can see that we must celebrate free association in our family, but still stay with me.

So, in Matthew’s world, when he saw the following scene as we came into The Bight to spend a night and to get internet access, he saw an attack going on. He saw a sailing catamaran on the left and a power catamaran on the right, sandwiching a monohull in the centre. This was clearly a feline attack on the canine. Fortunately for us, we were okay to just observe and didn’t have to go over and provide assistance.

What was happening in actuality was the 3 boats were rafted or tied together to make one big floating platform so that the members of all 3 boats could move free from one boat to another. Having said that we are still monitoring the situation and will provide assistance if needed.


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  1. Assistance? I thought you were teaching pirating and sabre rattling? And what is a trimaran? Claire used to play, or actually state, that she was a goat in real life and that only a pig could take off her jacket.

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