More Adventures #3 – Caroline Style

Being back in the BVI, I am impressed with a few revelations…one, how much Nanny Cay (our home port) feels like “home” to us all. The boys kept talking about looking forward to going “home” to the BVI; when we arrived at the marina, all the staff greeted us like long lost family members; the familiar bays and anchorages were like a balm to the somewhat stressed sailor that I am. (And no, Christine, fear not….home still is in Perth and we ARE returning at the end of the 8 months!!!) The second revelation is how idyllic sailing in the BVI really is….anchorages galore, all within short sailing distance from one another, good services and really REALLY flat waters. Having sailed now through open waters, I find the water here incredibly calm, which makes for pleasant nights and delightful sails. The BVI really is “Natures Little Secret” for sailors, as their licence plates claim.

Oh, and did I mention that I am living on a boat of males? I am reminded every night time visit to the head (aka bathroom). I now take my light with me…

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