My New Avatars

My good friend Jim was playing around creating an avatar to use with his social media. Well, he was kind enough to spend some time and create 2 for me.

Check them out. Let me know which you like. I might actually use one.


Capt Paul Avatar 2

They were both created for the BlackBerry and are : Avatar Builder: Guys edition (Girls edition available) and Jingu Avatars

As an aside, how many of you actually caught some of the most important news of the last decade. They found the cause of male pattern baldness. Apparently it’s a protein that is more present in some of us! And, as my friend Peter mentioned to me, it’s not that we’re bald it’s just that the hair follicles get so small that you can’t see them. šŸ™‚ So, it looks like there might be a cream to cure male pattern baldness one day. Think I’m going to just stay the same.

6 thoughts on “My New Avatars”

  1. Both are neat. I prefer the 2nd one too. The sand castle and sand toys suggest the presence of kids and the boats in the ocean suggest where you might be next. You in the middle are a facilitator of all this action. I also have a picture in my bathroom of you wearing a shirt very similar to the one the avatar has on. Worrisome is the bright sun beating on your poor head. Oh well, I hear that baldness is caused by excessive testosterone, which must be your burden to bear.

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