Sailors and The Time In Between

After my brother left, we went about the normal things as I think I’ve mentioned (although it all seems to be a bit of a blur as I’m out of sync with “blog time”.) After the week between guests was almost over we met a couple on a boat who were just lovely. We were in Lee Bay, a bay that normally doesn’t have a lot of boats in it. This other couple saw us on the boat and came over to let us know about a couple of the captain’s discoveries in the area. His name was Paul, by the way. That’s not important to the story but I think he’s just a great guy. 🙂 Okay, back to his comments. He mentioned that around the corner was what he called Thunder Cove. It was a little cove that had a hole in the rock that went way into the island. What happened when the swell came in or out was a huge BOOOM resonated from hole.

He took us around this is what we saw…. wish I could have recorded the sound. Very cool. He also suggested that we go around the next couple of corners to a bay that he described as Jurassic Park. More on that later…


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