New Friends Down

Now to be clear, these are not new friends… but friends that are newly down. Brian, Terryl and Matthew (yes, some confusion is about to ensue) joined us. They flew into the BVI and we met them and then headed over to Marina Cay for the night.

When Brian and I came back to the boat to load the luggage aboard, I noticed that the cockpit light wasn’t working anymore…. after some huffing and puffing and realized that it was the result of some vigorous “cleaning” by the boys earlier in the day. I’d once again asked the boys to clean the topdecks which they did again with relative enthusiam. One of the boys was a little too aggressive when cleaning the bimini (the cover over the cockpit) where the light string is attached. My hope was that this didn’t suggest a direction for their visit. It didn’t as you will see.

The next morning when we went ashore we were treated to some incredible sights and what’s even more spectacular is that 3 of them happened even before we got in the water.

The first was a flounder fish (the ones that have 2 eyes on one side of their body and they lie on the bottom of the ocean) that was lying on a set of steps that went into the ocean. Here it is.


The second was a big and incredibly colourful trunk fish. Hard to make out in this picture a little but you can see the head point to the right with the colourful spots.


An finally, we saw a couple of rays lazily swimming about.


Now, that’s a great way to start a trip.