Flat Water…

Every visitor and each week brings something different to the islands. For the first part of Brian, Terryll and Matthew’s visit, there wasn’t much in the way of wind. And, with that, there ended up not being a lot of waves either. They don’t always go hand in hand but this time, they did. So, it was a perfect time for them to head off on a kayak around the bay at Cane Garden. Not only was it flat but they were able to get up close and personal with pelicans.


2 thoughts on “Flat Water…”

  1. That looks a little calmer than the last time I saw Cane Garden Bay. I wonder what it will be like next week πŸ™‚

  2. Yes, it is. Having said that, we happen to be back there and last night was a nice flat swell so no rocking but it created wonderful surf on the edges – around the tip of the bay. Looking at next week, Thursday is looking like light winds with high swell. Could be again not bad for sleeping but lots of surf for fun.

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