Crew Cuts….

So the boys decided they wanted their hair short for the start of the adventure.  How short I asked?  “We want crew cuts…. kind of like Daddy.”  After asking if they were sure, this is the result.

They were able to show their haircuts to their classmates on the last couple days of school.

5 thoughts on “Crew Cuts….”

  1. The boys look eager and ready for their adventure. I wish you all an amazing time of learning, laughter and love. Thank you for allowing me to join you in your adventures even if it is only from my from my office chair!


  2. Hey Cheryl-Ann,
    Thanks for posting. Yes, it’s getting closer and closer. Can’t wait. Please do stay connected and check in on us.
    All the Best,

  3. Like the cool haircuts…..I will even come down to keep them cut for you if you need me to! Have a blast, looking forward to watching you live your experience of a life time! Have a ball!

    Capt. Jo

    1. Hey Capt. Jo.
      Mobile Marine Haircuts. Now there’s a business. Anytime.
      Stay connected.
      More coming soon.
      Cheers, Paul

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