Holy Smokes….It’s Almost Here…

Check out the Countdown Timer [upper left].  We are so close to going.  Guess we should pack.  Just kidding, we’re done….mostly.  🙂

One thing that I thought I should do is to show you actually where we’re going and where we will be sailing.

Here’s a picture of the Caribbean to put it into perspective.

Our boat is in the British Virgin Islands and we will be sailing only in the Eastern Caribbean.  Specifically, we will be travelling from Puerto Rico to as far south as the Grenadines.  Here is a pretty good map of the area that we will be sailing.

2 thoughts on “Holy Smokes….It’s Almost Here…”

  1. Bon Voyage!

    We wish you good weather and smooth sailing. Meanwhile, I’ll stay on land and keep the technology working. It’s tough, but someone has to do it.

    1. Thanks Janet. Yes, please keep the technology working. Without it, we can’t connect back home, or stay safe for that matter.

      Keep checking in on us.

      Cheers, Paul and the Pirates

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