8 Months of Equipment

So, we normally travel quite light.  We can have 2 bags for the 5 of us.  But, not this time.  We have 7 bags each at just under 50 pounds.  And, we also each have a carry-on.  And, here it is all laid out.

Truly, I never thought I would ever travel with this much luggage.  Even when we went to live overseas for a year, we didn’t have any more than this.  Most of it is actually sailing equipment and school supplies.

UPDATE:  A friend had a really good question about our luggage.  We have 350 lbs of luggage and with carryons it is likely around 500 lbs.  Her question was whether or not that would weigh the boat down.  To put it in perspective, the boat is about 17 or 18 tons or about $36,000 lbs.  So, in the whole scheme of things, the extra weight is not all that much.


2 thoughts on “8 Months of Equipment”

  1. I have that zip top tote, but in khaki rather than navy. Wonder what color the rest of our cousins have! 😉

    1. Cool. We’ll need to do a survey. By the way, our hope is that we’ll be in your old stomping grounds on or about Monday. We’ll be heading from the BVI to the USVI to enter into St. Thomas or more likely St John.

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