Leaving Nanny Cay…. Yes, It Does Happen…

So believe it or not, we do actually end up leaving Nanny Cay. Finally, our generator is fixed. We’ve had time to get some schoolwork done. We’ve even fixed a few other problems as well. And, we’ve had lots of pool time, real indoor showers, and plenty of adventures.

So, we’ve set our sights on leaving as soon as we can so that we can make it down the island chain to meet up with Caroline’s brother and a friend of the family’s Bruce.

The only real weather window we have is zero. Zero wind and zero waves. The zero waves is great but the zero wind… not so much. It would be nice to not have to motor a lot but we’ll have to take what we can get. And, I expect it will bring a different passage for the kids and Caroline and me.

So, we get prepared and get all the last minute preparations ready so that we can leave early in the morning. Our hope is that we’ll be able to leave by 6am so that we can travel during the day, all night and then arrive in Antigua before the sun sets.

Here is what we were met with on the morning of our leaving… pure calm.


We are actually underway here… leaving our home, Nanny Cay, through the channel. Everything is silent and calm, not many are up and the water is completely still.


As we leave the channel, we head into the rising sun with no chance of putting a sail up. Diesel, it’s time to do your duty.