Passagemaking to Antigua – A Whale of a Time

The passage to Antigua was pretty great all things considered. Although we had to motor the whole way because we didn’t have any wind, it was nice and comfortable for the same reason. We all got a lot of rest which was really and generally had a great time.

The definite highlight was being able to see a pod of whales on our trip. This was such a treat as it is late in the season to be able to see them and I had given up hope on any possibility of a sighting on this adventure. But, our good fortune (as always) prevailed and we saw a few whales travelling together and not too far from the boat. The unfortunate thing is that we just weren’t able to catch a photo or video of them. Although we do have video of the sea with the kids and I in the background shouting and singing… We saw some whales! We saw some whales! Oh well, trust us. It was a very special experience.