Entering the Jolliest of Harbors

Again, we find ourselves entering Jolly Harbor in Antigua. We’re here because we knew that it would be a good place to end up after a long passage. This passage was 31 hours and we were happy to be able to have a flat harbor to rest and rejuvenate. So, as usual, the first order of business was to check into the country. To do that we have to dock the boat next to their small pier or in this case, we just came to the pier next to them. The customs pier really isn’t meant for a 50 foot boat. Then, I do my dance going to Customs to fill out lots of paperwork, and then to Immigration, and then to Customs, and then to the Port Authority. It is tedious but the people are nice and pleasant.

Once we’re complete, we head to a mooring ball so that we can stop and completely unwind from the trip. Just as we get the ball and start to get settled, the action starts…

The harbor has a visitor. A bottle-nose dolphin. Why do I know it was a bottle-nose dolphin. It’s simple. My 6 year old Matthew declared that that was what it was. And, with marine life or flags, I defer to my kids… always.

Here are some pics. Stay tuned for the next post to get video!!



I should also mentioned that during this time, I needed to go to the Marina office to pay for our mooring. Because our dinghy was up on the top of our boat and we were going to be heading off on another passage, we didn’t want to take it down. So, we opted for the easiest thing which was to have me kayak into the marina. This meant that I had the opportunity on the way back to get very close to the dolphin… about 2 metres away!

Unfortunately, at this point the dolphin is playing hide and seek and is no where to be found