Deciding When To Passage

Deciding when to passage is something I take pretty seriously from the standpoint of safety and also of comfort. We want to have a good weather window that will allow us to travel without incident. If things are uncomfortable, we’re more likely to get tired and thus more likely to make a mistake. So, we look at the wind, the waves and the weather.

We knew that once we were at Antigua, we would have to plan when and how we would head to St. Lucia. We could head off soon, wait a little bit. We could go directly to St. Lucia or we could do an island or two on the way. The upside of going to other islands is that it would break the voyage up. The downside is that it would involve several hours of checking in and then out of each we went to when we knew that we’d not be able to see anything.

So, after looking at the wind, weather and waves, we decided that we were going to go directly to St. Lucia. It like it wasn’t going to be changing much and that unfortunately for much of the time, we might have both the wind and waves on our nose, although they wouldn’t be too rough. So, we stayed one night at Jolly Harbor and then set of the next evening. And, oh what a glorious send off.

Here is what we saw as we left the harbor at about 6pm.