21 – A New Country

Well, it’s time for a new country. We’ve done some cleaning and some repairs (of course), and now we’re ready to head off to The Grenadines. We’ve decided to make a longer day passage and to skip St. Vincent right now. We’re going to head straight for Bequia. We’ll get up and leave for about 5 am and hopefully get in about 10 hours later. The weather should be pretty good for the passage with moderate wind and waves. To moderate the waves a bit we’ll head down the leeward side of St. Vincent.

And, that worked out very well. We did get a lot of shelter in the lee of St. Vincent. Elsewhere the waves were a bit more than we expected with some being about 3 metres. And, we hit a squall which was very wet and windy. Otherwise, the winds allowed us to make good time and we did arrive at Admiralty Bay in Bequia that afternoon.

Once I checked us into the country the kids had now officially been to 21 countries (with Ethan having a 22nd country, Costa Rica). Wow.

Here’s the flat water that we experienced while in the lee of the island. I couldn’t get any video of the 3 metre swells we experienced elsewhere.