Necessity Breeds Invention… or Engineering

When it’s too wet to be out of the boat, sometimes the kids find very interesting things to do. In this case, Ethan’s newish watch stopped working (another disappointing watch buy). So, (likely taking after his Dad) he decided he wanted to take it apart to discover how it worked, and maybe reconstruct it in a more interesting way. 🙂

Here he is part way into his deconstruction of the watch. You may be asking yourself, why…. why does he have swim googles on? I know I was. Well, for two or potentially three reasons. First, the googles are prescription so he can see better. Second, they completely protect his eyes while he’s doing his technical work…. Safety First. And, third, because I believe he might be completely bored out of his skull and he’s gone a little loopy. The first two were his explanation, the last was mine. Having said that, aren’t I the proud engineer of a father.


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