The Tour Continues – Bequia Turtle Sanctuary

The highlight of the tour in many ways was the Turtle Sanctuary. Run by Brother King (his island name), the turtle sanctuary was started when he realized that instead of catching the turtles, he should be protecting the turtles. So, with his own money and time, he’s spent the last many years rescuing turtle hatchlings that are potentially at risk and raises the turtles until they can be released into the wild.


Looking for attention…


He’s found it now. The turtles like to have their backs scratched…. gently of course.



Here are good examples of the 2 turtles that he raises. The Hawksbill turtle on the left and the Green turtle on the right. The hawksbill has a pointy nose and eats crustaceans and the like, and the green turtle has a round mouth (like a cow) and eats sea grass (like a cow).





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