Diesel Delivery To Your Boat

Okay, this has to be one of the coolest things. You can order diesel directly to your boat. The guy comes and rafts up next to you and then he can pump diesel or water on board. They will also pick up laundry, give you ice…. who knows they might make the beds if we asked. All kidding aside, they’re a family business that is big on customer service. A definite hit. Even their prices weren’t too bad and they filter their diesel so you know you’re getting diesel without the water, dirt, etc.


Diesel in the white containers and water in the black.


And, fortunately, the moment that we finished and closed everything up… the torrential downpour happened.


It’s amazing how intense it can get. The fellow’s comment when he saw the rain coming was…. It’s not good. It’s a white rain. …. meaning that when we were watching it approach us, it wasn’t dark as some storm clouds can be. It was more a white colour because it was so completely solid with water.


As with all things, it does pass.