The Philosophy of Flat Water

Something that strikes me, especially when we’re passagemaking is that what you see, is what you think you’re going to get. If you are travelling through flat water, it appears that as far as the eye can see there is flat water. If there is flat or rough water further off, there is no way to tell, it all looks like flat water.

And, the same is true for rough water. If you’re travelling through rough water, your visibility tends to be less and you’re less likely to be able to look off into the distance. But, if you could, you’d not be able to tell if what you’re going into was flat or more rough water.

Of course, this is a great analogy for life and business. And, having said that, the more information you can get about the reality of the water around you from weather reports or other devices, the better. It will help give you a more true depiction of reality as opposed to what you create in your head.

For us, water is metaphorically and realistically important to our survival. It literally supports us and can also punish us from time to time. We need to respect it for what it is and not create it into what it isn’t.

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