The Butterfly Garden and Lunch

We visited a butterfly garden… and it’s hard to get a picture of butterflies in flight, so, you’re going to get pictures in a more docile state.

We learned about the various stages of development including the caterpillar stage.


A butterfly just out of the cocoon stage so it’s not quite ready to fly.


The gardens themselves which, of course need a lot of appropriate plant life for the butterflies.


And, that can only mean one thing….. flowers.


We were starving (and needed to make change for the entrance fee of the butterfly park) so we decided to eat lunch at the “cafe” that was at the park. It was a little more than a cafe. The meal was amazing for all of us and was quite reasonably priced as well. All this in the middle of nowhere on the island of Martinique. You are always fed well on the French islands!

And, for the foodies out there, a very little description. This is a pastry stuffed with lamb and assorted side dishes. Sorry, not sure what they were but they were good!


Steak, pure and simple.


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