Dominica – Tour of the South

After we got checked into the country, we decided to take a tour of the southern part of the island. The fellow that we connected with arranged for us to be taken around by his wife and Mathieu, one of their two kids, the next day.

The main goal of the tour was to see the Trafalgar Falls. We’d been there twelve years earlier so it was great to go back with the kids.



Kids and Daddy exploring the falls area in the very warm thermal springs stream.


Here are Matthew and Noah with the guide, Cecile’s son Mathieu.


Daddy enjoying a warm waterfall.


The kids exploring the cool water river.


The boys.


Another stop on the tour was a small botanical garden. One very cool thing that Mathieu wanted to show us was a plant leaf that was “hydrophobic”. Basically, you could dunk it completely in water, pull it up and it would be completely dry. Or, you could put water on top of it and it would bead up into a droplet. One more amazing discover on our adventure.


Turtle at the botanical gardens.


A panoramic view of the town of Rosseau.