Touring Montserrat’s Volcanic Damage Part 2

Another look at a valley covered in ash. In fact, the valley now extends much further out into the harbour, probably several hundred metres. Fortunately, most everyone was evacuated before the eruption unlike in Martinique in 1902. Those who died were some of the people who refused to leave.


What is left of the old capital of Plymouth. The whole town was completely covered in ash. Completely damaged.


Another view of Plymouth which is at the base of the volcano.


Another multi-story building that is barely poking out from under the blanket of ash.


We are looking at some of the new coastline in one of the valleys. Everything you see here was once sea and it extends back another few hundred metres.


Natural pumice stone. Feet here we come. Oh, and by the way, it is lighter than water. The kids (and Daddy) had a good time throwing some into the water to see it float.


The grey concrete marker was a harbour post before the eruption. I need not say any more.


As with many of the islands and communities, lots of people know each other. Sam stopped the van when he saw some friends, just to say hi. There were a bunch of people gathered to chat and hang out. Most were expat Americans who now lived down here. In fact, the couple that bought the house purchased it in 1999 when prices were depressed… they got 30 cents on the dollar. Nice deal! The one none expat was a Montserratian(?) who had lived most of his life in Canada. He lived in Toronto, Winnipeg and Thompson Manitoba…. He’s had his share of cold. An interesting man with an interesting life. Oh, and his island name is Uncle.


Just some examples of the houses on the island.