The Rudder and A Passage Back to th BVI

To get back to the BVI to meet the Jacksons, we needed to cross the Sombrero Passage again from Sint Maarten. The weather was going to be basically uneventful but the boat wasn’t the same. Part way through the trip, two aligning screws on the rudder post came loose, were then tighten but then had their heads sheared off. Unfortunately, this left the rudder post sliding back and forth… not a good thing. And, it reminded us of that with each squeak it made. It wasn’t necessarily a dangerous thing but certainly not something that we were happy having either. So, to prevent the rudder post from sliding, I took some broken wood from a shower drain and created a large shimmy to keep the post to one side. It worked fine and got us to the BVI, where we’ve since had it fixed.

Sailing is certainly an activity where you have to improvise with what you’ve got. Fortunately, that’s something that I like doing.


2 thoughts on “The Rudder and A Passage Back to th BVI”

  1. well done Paul. Kind of like living on a farm but with no hardware store within driving distance. lol

  2. Yes, I believe you might be right. And, when you add marine in front of anything they increase the price. 🙂

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