Next Stop, the Willy T for a Special Guest… You Guessed It

So, it’s time to set off with the Jacksons, to finish their first day on the water at The Bight at Norman Island.

No time like the present to get everyone working, right Deb?


And, Emma on the bow as look out.


And, our destination… the floating pirate restaurant at the Bight, The William Thornton.


And, this is where I met up with Richard Branson. Yup, he was out for a bit of an afternoon of fun and enjoyment at the Willy T. No entourage, just him. And, no, I didn’t think that I would introduce myself at the bar of the Willy T. Another time and place.

3 thoughts on “Next Stop, the Willy T for a Special Guest… You Guessed It”

  1. Okay, okay, I get the point… Yes, it was Caroline. If he’d only hung around a little longer. Alas, we’ll sail by Necker Island tomorrow. He can row out to meet us.

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