Noah’s Birthday

Hello All. Well, as many of you know, the blog is slightly out of sync with real time. If you look at the Where Is page you will find that we’re at least a couple of days ahead of where the blog post is. Again, that’s a factor of time to go through all the pictures that Caroline takes :-), writing them, posting them etc.

Well, I’m going to try and make an exception. We have 3 boys who are going to have birthdays while we’re down here. Noah’s is first. Today is his birthday and he is now 9 years old. So, if you are so inclined, please feel free to send your best wishes. We’ll be spending it at the Bitter End Yacht club but you’ll have to keep following to see what happens. Even I don’t know yet, since for me it’s actually yesterday when I’m trying to get this post up. Does that make sense. 🙂

So, Happy Birthday Noah. We love you.


When we were in Nanny Cay a lovely family said that we should take their inflatable inner tubes as they were just going to be throwing them out. So, here Noah is sporting the latest in inner tube fashion.

6 thoughts on “Noah’s Birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday, Noah! I think if I had a choice of where to spend my birthday, The Bitter End would be high on the list!

    Lots of love,
    Uncle Ross, Aunt Theresa, Duncan & Iain

    I love you and miss you lots but I’ll see you in …

    Lots of Love and Hugs,

  3. Happy Birthday Noah!

    Birthdays are the best day of the year, regardless of your age. Take advantage that today is your special day and get your brothers to do everything for you!

    Keep up the great posts – love reading about what you are up to!

    Happy Canada Day!

  4. Thanks Rhonda, Ross, and Tine. Messages were passed along and received very well.

    All the Best, Paul

  5. Happy Birthday Noah, I am a week late on my reading, but caught up now. I see your cake, that looked delicious! Hope you had a marvellous time celebrating! I am sure you will always remember this Birthday,
    See you when you come home!

    Jo-Anne & Doug

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