Happy Birthday Ethan…

It’s birthday time around Legend. This time, it’s our big boy, Ethan, who is celebrating his 11th birthday. So, please help me wish him a Happy Birthday.


Again, details as to what we actually did to follow.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Ethan…”

  1. Hi and a very BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY. This is your special year, big guy. 11 on the 11th. Wow, how quickly you are growing up. Keep having tons of fun (especially today) and I’ll see you and give you a belated birthday hug in 34 more big sleeps. Yahoo!!!

    Love you and miss you lots,

    1. Hi Tine and All,

      Thanks for your wishes for Ethan whether here or by email, text, bottle.
      Our boy just had his sailing lessons for his birthday. The instructor called him a natural. That made him feel pretty good.


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