Flip Flops with Thirst Quenching Technology

Okay, I have a confession. Believe it or not, before this adventure, I’ve never really had a pair of flip flops. Although I was born in Africa and spent a couple of years growing up in Trinidad and then later in life spent a year with Caroline in the BVI, I’ve never like the “thong” that fits between your toes. So, I’ve often just had sandals, or as likely, nothing. Barefoot has been just alright by me.

Now, fast forward to this adventure and I thought it was high time that I entered the convenience of the world of flip flops. So, I bought a pair of QuikSilver that I really liked. A couple of weeks ago they went missing and thus the search for a new pair of flip flops was on.

I found a pair that fit well and were basically just what I wanted.


And, then, I turned them over…


Apparently, some Reef Flipflops are make with Thirst Quenching Technology, also known as a bottle opener. What will they think of next!


4 thoughts on “Flip Flops with Thirst Quenching Technology”

  1. sounds like a good use of technology to me Paul. now how to incorporate something to use it on.

  2. haha, I know some boys that would really use them back here! Never mind…..they use twist tops! What will they think of next!

  3. Always good to be a boy scout and to be prepared. In fact, that is the Frazer/Fraser clan motto. “Je suis Pret” I am ready. 🙂

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