The Mind of Kids – Birthday Cake

Finally, a picture of Ethan’s birthday cake. Now, to be clear, Caroline baked the cake but she did NOT decorate it. The kids did. Quite creative when you know what they were doing. The white (whipped cream from a can, yikes) are waves. The blue and green items are shark gummies and, of course, there is a pirate on a raft in the centre who is protecting himself from the sharks. He also needs to protect himself from the impending fire from the candle under his arm which melted part of his arm (oops, sorry about that).


The cake was delicious. The toppings, perhaps a little much. Alas, the adventure continues.

4 thoughts on “The Mind of Kids – Birthday Cake”

  1. Wow…Beautiful job boys. I love the sharks and the questions mark candle.
    The whipped cream looks like real waves. I’m sure it was devoured very quickly.

    Miss you, Love you and see you soon!!


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