Catching Up – Getting Ready to Go Down Island

Well, we’ve been in clean up, fix up, and get ready mode to go down island. We’ve had the generator looked at again because it ran into a problem when the intake was filled with sea grass. We’ve had our aft air conditioning fixed. Although we don’t usually use air conditioning, we wanted to have it fixed just in case and for the next charter season. We also ended up needed repair to our salon air conditioning and then our forward air conditioning. It was quite a domino situation.

During the time spent at Nanny Cay, we did a lot of odd jobs and got caught up on school. Yes, school. Because of the number of guests that we had down the kids were not quite able to get everything done. So, they’ve been catching up on that. We also, as you know, spent time celebrating Ethan’s birthday.

So, the adventure continues in one form or another wherever we are. The end result is that we were able to head to the Bitter End to celebrate Ethan’s birthday with some sailing lessons albeit a little late.

Next post, more on the Bitter End.