Marie Galante – Big Little Island

A relatively short hop over to Marie Galante takes us to a really lovely big little island (or little big island, I guess). We rented a car and travelled around this island that is big enough to have lots to discover but small enough to be a quiet serene place.

Here’s what we saw of some of the coast.

A big sink hole which is a bit hard to get a picture of without dying.






Not all of the coastline is this rough but I think you’ve probably seen enough beautiful beach pictures. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Marie Galante – Big Little Island”

  1. I have been catching up on my reading and what wonderful pics. The commentary was interesting, and funny too, but that might be an acquired taste. Two happy belated birthdays. What wonderful cakes. I was telling someone the other day that you guys were 10 and 8, I need to update that. The warm waterfall sure has Elizabeth’s interest. I can’t think of a single highlight from reading all your adventures, it all sounds amazing. My thoughts go out to you Paul for crushing the shell, it seems to be a curse of us daddy’s to do such things.

  2. Yes, and sadly, I’ve done more than just crushing one shell. Alas, like you say, it’s meant to be as a Dad. What amazes me is how well they take the news. In fact, they are often very aware that Daddy feels bad and they try and make me feel good. Very precious. Still feel bad though. 🙂

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