Passage From Antigua to the BVI

Following our adventures in Antigua, it was time to do our next passage. We chose to do a looong passage directly home instead of 2 smaller passages. This meant what could be up to 27 hours of sailing. We ended up having very good winds and pretty good seas so we were able to do it in about 21 hours.

What you may not know is that our GPS SPOT device stopped giving you updates after about halfway through the passage at about 10pm. Now for most everyone that didn’t matter. But, for our unseen crew it did. We’ve been fortunate to have my brother, Garth, and the caregiver extraordinaire, Christine, acting as ground crew and tracking us as we passage. As ground crew, if we do not give them updates and then do not arrive at our destination on time, they have the responsibility to declare to the authorities that our ship has not checked in and to start the appropriate search and rescue. The hope is that long before they start this process, we would already have declared a problem with one of the two tracking devices we have on board the boat.

Needless to say, that not seeing updates is a great way to provide unnecessary stress to our ground crew. So, now would be a great time to thank them for being there to make sure that we were completely safe.

We will not be doing any more major passages which in some way announces the beginning of the end of this particular adventure.

But, still more to come.