St Croix – A Quick Visit

We decided to get one more quick passage and visit in before we hang out completely in the BVI. So, we headed over to St. Croix which is part of the US Virgin Islands. It’s about 30 nautical miles away and on the day we chose to go the seas were quite confused. Nobody had any fun on the trip over. Fortunately it wasn’t all that long. And, it could have been worse since the seas were going to be getting bigger.

Here’s a shot of the waterfront at Christenstad.


A good example of the lax nature of things sometimes…. a No Parking sign with…. parking.


2 thoughts on “St Croix – A Quick Visit”

  1. We loved our time in St. Croix! It was during our 9th anniversary, so Mark surprised me with their unique “hook” bracelet! I know you all just had an anniversary… Hint, hint! There’s a great Thai restaurant there too! Miss you guys! We’re up in Maine, exploring the coast in fog! Many belated birthday wishes to you all, too!

  2. Hey Sarah,
    This is so funny. We had been talking about the bracelets because Caroline had see one recently and really liked them. Now we know where she saw it! What we’re actually talking about is new rings so that’s likely what will be happening. We’ll see.
    Great to hear from you. I got caught up a bit on your blog. Maine and Mussels. Sounds like a fabulous time. We’ve been preparing for the kids’ caregiver to come down, watching the Olympics and getting ready for the trip home.
    Lots to get caught up at some point.
    Cheers, Paul and crew

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