St Croix Driving Tour

Another island, another car rental. I love touring around an island on our own. I know that I’ve said it before but it really does give you a great sense of the place. And, one of the things that we discovered with St. Croix is just how much of the island is surrounded by reef.


Another I really love is when art installations or sculpture or monuments can incorporate something cool (and by cool, I mean techie or sciencie). Here is what the island did for the millennium. They put a monument on their most easterly point. It represents 2 M’s or MM or 2000. It also is a sundial, etc. Cool.



Here is what I would call a neat radio telescope. The kids would call it more a super huge laser gun. <sigh>


Another neat technical thing… the vertical windmill. Oh, and yes, another awesome view.


Just a small part of the largest oil refinery in the western hemisphere.


A beautiful red tree. That can only one thing… Caroline went to another botanical garden. 🙂 The boys and I skipped out on this one and went to Subway… that was a treat. And, then off to get some stuff for the boat from Kmart. Yup, we’re acclimatizing ourselves for our return home… <sigh>


Frederiksted – a lovely clean well kept town.


An action shot of driving through the countryside. Some lovely road that were more like tree tunnels.


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