Tropical Storms — Isaac and His Friends

We have traveled back to our home base for a couple of very good reasons. The first is that we are scheduled to fly out on Friday. The second is that we are expecting the weather to change.

While we’ve been down here, we’ve experienced rather wonderful weather. Sometimes we’d be wet for a few days, or have a couple days of larger swell, but that tended to be about it. With the start of hurricane season, we’ve also done well which is largely what we expected. But, alas, as is usual when we leave the Caribbean at this time of year, the weather tends to want to play a part.

In this case, Tropical Storm Isaac is now approaching the Leeward Islands. It should continue south of the Virgin Islands as is forecast at present. What we expect to have is a fair bit of wind, lots of rain, and high storm swell on the coast. Right now, it looks like it will come and go before we have to leave on Friday which is great news, but, we’ll see.

Here is the present storm track for Isaac.


[We are located just under the ‘R’ in Puerto Rico on the map.]

So, for those of you who may hear about the storm on the news, we are just fine and are ashore safe and sound. Hopefully, it won’t affect Legend or any of the other boats at Nanny Cay, as it is usually a safe harbour.

2 thoughts on “Tropical Storms — Isaac and His Friends”

  1. Paul, I know this is just part of your evil plan to stay down there. Looks like Isaac will pack a punch to Florida too, but it will be after we arrive. A little reality in the land of imagination never hurt!

    Stay safe, and have a great trip home, whenever that may be 😉

  2. Yes, it has started to turn a lot more toward the north after it hits us. We may get to share in the affects…. 🙂 Have fun with Big Ears. P.

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