The Legendary Adventure – The Numbers

This post is being written somewhere high above the USA on our way north.

After over 5000 nautical miles of sailing, over 20,000 photos and videos, 230 days, 1 tropical storm, and countless memories, we’re on our way home and ready for the next adventure around the corner.

I’m a firm believer that we are defined in many ways by the stories that we create. And, it’s been exciting creating many stories over the past 8 months. What we’ve been able to share was largely only in pictures and captions, and hopefully, you’ve been able to have fun sharing along. I hope you’re creating your own stories too, big and small.

We’re going to dearly miss our friends in the BVI and those we’ve met along the way, but we will cross paths again before too long. The call of the low latitudes is a strong one for our family, and we will need to get back to the good ship Legend.

A little bit more on Legend. The role that she played can’t be overstated. She was our home and shelter. She kept us safe and after a little while even dry. She has been our direct connection to experiencing nature in a wondrous way. And, for all of this, we are grateful for her.

I expect that, as we get ready for September and the fall, you too are preparing for a change of pace and hopefully some adventures this fall as well. We’re looking forward to connecting with friends back home and staying connected with friends down south. So, please do stay in touch and let us know how your adventures are going.

Don’t go too far as I know that we’ll have a few more posts to put up. A video or two of how TS Isaac affected us and maybe I can get Caroline to comment a little. And, of course, there is always the opportunity for us to use this blog for the next legendary adventure. Stay tuned!!

6 thoughts on “The Legendary Adventure – The Numbers”

  1. Safe home Paul and family!! What a beautiful adventure you have shared!! Thanks much! Hope to meet up with you in the Perth area sooner or later!! Again…safe home!!

  2. Simply fantastic! Memories, stories, life lessons — all of which are priceless. Best wishes for returning home safely.
    Sid and Daniela

  3. Thanks Sid, Daniela,

    We’re home and grateful for such an amazing time and experience!

    Looking forward to connecting.

    All the Best,

  4. Wow, I have sure enjoyed reading your blog. Great pics, quirky humor, and just when I think you really are a family member you come up with some insightful gems like this “we are defined in many ways by the stories that we create.” I am going to steal that gem.
    Aren’t you guys too young to be married for 20 years? Seeing your kids sail reminds me of summers spent sailing and canoeing at the cottage, though safety standards were a little more lax back then. What a great 8 month experience for the family. Hopefully we can get together to reconnect. You guys traveling west anytime soon?

    1. Hey Paul,

      Steal away. I think it’s a truth. 🙂
      Yup, 20 years and it’s not even in dog years.
      Wish we were heading west but I think that we’ll likely be settled here for a bit. Will let you know when we do come west though and let us know if you’re coming east too!

      Love Paul and the Pirates

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