View As We Left The Harbour

We had a great view of 2 Kite Surfers as we left the harbour.  A wonderful send off.

5 thoughts on “View As We Left The Harbour”

    1. Thanks Rhonda,
      A great time so far. The kids have started school. The weather is pretty great and getting better and we were allowed back into the BVI today… 🙂 Always a bonus.
      Please stay connected.
      PS. More pics to come when the internet connection is more stable.

  1. Hello Everybody
    We survived our first day at the office without M & S………… not sure about next week though 🙂

    hope the ladies have landed at the right boat, Marie have fun on the Kodiak….can’t wait to hear all about it.

    CE, tanya wants you to know that Mike from Monsters is on an 8 mth holiday, tucked away safe in a cupboard !!

    Stay away from strange ICE CUBES………

    1. Hi Folks,

      I’ll reply quickly and will try and get the ladies to respond at some point. Things are going well. I think that it would be safe to say that all are having a great time. Definitely some stories for the office… 🙂 Ask about the Willy T. That’s where we went tonight.

      Cheers, and talk soon,

    2. Hi Folks,

      Hope the week is going well. We’re doing well. Getting a bit of rain and some rolly anchorages, but having a great adventure. Went to the Baths yesterday. M & S had an amazing time. Great pics taken.

      Paul and the Pirates

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