2 thoughts on “Legend At Rest”

  1. Hello Frazers,

    It looks like you are having an amazing adventure so far. I can smell those pancakes. I love the idea!It looks like it’s really warm. Don’t worry about school work, we have had two snow days since you left! Are you swimming a lot? I am skiing and taking swimming lessons.

    Don’t forget your sun hats and sunscreen!

    from Norah!!!

    1. Hi Norah,

      The boys are doing well…. but they are also crazy as well! They are doing a fair bit of swimming. And, they have their sunscreen and sun shirts on. School work for them has started and continues pretty well. It is really different on a boat though. But, it’s fun still. The hours are different and what they are learning is fairly different in some ways. The boys are also slowly taking on more responsibility around the boat.

      So, keep connected. More adventure and stories to follow.

      the Pirates

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