Shelley and Marie at The Baths

To prove that they are still here and have survived… no plank walking… here are Shelley and Marie at The Baths.


6 thoughts on “Shelley and Marie at The Baths”

  1. Hi all!
    You look pretty relaxed there Ethan……good job.
    What is the story on the “baths”? Never really heard of them! It is so beautiful looking and nice to see the ladies there! You have got a great shot of the Legend!


    1. Everyone says hi. Things are great here. The Baths are one of my favourite places on the Earth. Basically big boulders thrown all over the place through the process of the continents separating and an ice age. Creates a wonderful playground.

    1. Trust me… the rocks are very real….. now Shelley and Marie….. maybe we did photoshop them in….. hmmmm…..

  2. How will they be able to return to the frozen, white north after this??? You may end up with stowaways! Glad to see the girls are enjoying their vacation! (also glad to see you got them to bathe!) LOL

    1. They are already planning how they accidentally stay in the islands. There are many options being discussed. We’ll see what they come up with.

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