2 thoughts on “Sunset at Cane Garden”

  1. Beautiful pictures, brings back memories of a lovely visit we had to the B.V.I.
    I am a little surprised you guys are still stuck on one boat. I would have thought the pirating ways you have worked to instil in your three young prodigies would have produced a slew of boats by this early date of your adventure. Perhaps you are choosing to scuttle the crafts after looting the booty? Maybe the abundance of chocolate chip pancakes have produced kinder, gentler pirates?
    I am looking forward to more posts and have added an rss feed for my grade 7 class that is studying different cultures around the world, social justice and a little bit of mapping.

    1. Well, I can’t really talk about what we do with the booty… it’s pirate code to be secret. But, suffice to say that it is fair and equally shared.

      Glad to know that you’re RSS’ing us. We’ll try and be somewhat educational from time to time. 🙂 If you or your class have questions, we’d be happy to answer them… might be better that way.

      Let us know if there’s a chance that you’ll be able to come down.

      the Pirates

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